Specialist Technical Support and Advice "Working with you to resolve complex problems....."
ACIS serves its clients by distributing high quality chemicals available in the world.
Our products are covering most fields of Industrial Chemicals.
We will blend to the customer’s requirement OR offer custom blends provided


HISAE-chem  is a leading supplier (Importers & Stockiest) of high performance industrial water and wastewater treatment chemicals; specialty chemicals, chemicals for every industrial use.

Through our continued commitment to research and development activities, product innovation, technical support and logistics excellence we are able to deliver significant benefits to our customers in the kingdom and Gulf countries, We create advantage in several ways:

Advanced Chemical Technologies

“High performance products designed to improve your process…..”

Through our combined trading expertise, specialist knowledge and commitment to research and development activities we are able to offer an extensive range of advanced chemical technologies developed to improve the performance and efficiency of industrial and process activities.

Quality Assured

“High quality products you can count on…..”

Our approach to quality is at the heart of our business ethic and involves ISO9001 and Responsible Care. Our focus is on the delivery of consistently high quality, manufactured products that add value to our customers’ business time, after time, after time.

Specialist Technical Support and Advice

“Working with you to resolve complex problems…..”

Through teams of sector specific specialists we work with chemicals worldwide, providing advanced chemical treatment technologies and solutions to resolve complex problems.


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